Studio A
A large open studio with separate control room, 30+ movable lights, three movable cameras, audio snake and various set design pieces.

Control A
A large control room for Studio A. Two large screen monitors display what is playing and the Broadcast Pix panel for the director.

Studio B
A smaller studio with three cameras, in-room control board with Broadcast Pix, various backdrops and chair options. Great for interview shows or segments.

Our Equipment* Includes:

  • iMac computer for editing
  • Multiple JVC video cameras
  • Tripods
  • Lights and light stands
  • Microphones (gooseneck, table mics, hand held mics etc.) and stands
  • All necessary wires and cables for the equipment

* We require a brief orientation and training before releasing our equipment.
* Members can fill in the form below to request an equipment rental.

Fill in the form below to request an equipment rental.

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