Q: Who can become a member at WCAT?
: Any individual, family, business or non-profit organization in the greater Wakefield area may become a member of WCAT. Non-resident members in any of the above categories have all the rights and privileges of resident members with two exceptions: non-resident members cannot vote in member meetings, nor can they hold a seat on the Board of Directors (except where the individual concerned belongs to a business or organization that is located in Wakefield). Please refer to the Membership page in JOIN for more details.


Q: Do I have to be a member to host a show or to be a guest?
: As long as the program producer is a current WCAT member, the host or talent on a program does not have to have a membership. (IS THIS STILL TRUE? WHAT ABOUT Mr. Robinson?) However, anyone wanting to work on the crew of a production that is using WCAT equipment and/or facilities must also be a current member and have completed the training and certification necessary to operate the equipment.


Q: What kinds of programs can I make at WCAT?
: Any type of program is encouraged and welcome at WCAT. Whether produced using WCAT equipment and facilities or on your own (IS THIS TRUE) and delivered to WCAT to be cablecast (?) we are looking to provide to our viewers a diversity of programming that will appeal to the growing number of communities within our community. The only restrictions are those listed in the WCAT Operating Rules and Procedures:

Presentation of the following is prohibited:

  1. Any commercial programming or advertising;
  2. Any material that constitutes libel or slander;
  3. Any obscene material or pornography;
  4. Any unauthorized use of copyrighted material or publicity rights, and invasion of privacy;
  5. Any material in violation of FCC regulations; and,
  6. Any material that violates local, state or federal laws.


Q: What are the benefits of being a member of WCAT?
: You can begin the process of becoming a local television producer and you can help WCAT to tell stories and educate our audience.

Members benefit from hands-on training in the art of video production during special workshops and classes. They also can learn from the pros how to work with their own equipment and smart devices.  Members also can volunteer as crew members on off-site shoots and learn how to operate a camera, Broadcast Pix switcher, and audio board. Our equipment is available for you to shoot your own video. WCAT Membership is available to any individual, family, non-profit organization or business. For more information about member benefits or membership types, please contact us!


Q: If I represent a nonprofit or business, why should I become a member or community partner?
A: WCAT staff is here to help business and nonprofit representatives create Public Service Announcements, cover your organization’s public events, and help you to gain visibility for your organization’s cause as part of the voice of Wakefield. WCAT members and partners help widen the dialogue and increase civic engagement in Wakefield.


Q: What kinds of courses can I take at WCAT?
: WCAT offers enrichment courses in documentary filmmaking, screenwriting, production, editing, basic camera and audio work and podcasting. We also are introducing workshops and trainings in areas such as using mobile devices to create content, and engaging audiences through social media.


Q: What is the Kids Video Club? 
A: The Kids Video Club, or KVC, is WCAT’s way of teaching our skills to younger generations. We offer three, one-week sessions during the summer, where youth will learn how to use a TV camera, lightning and sound basics, film/video structure and how to make a short video. During each session the students come together to cast, film, and edit a short video that they present to friends and family on the final day of class.
We also offer intermediate and advanced classes to children who have taken the basic KVC class.


Q: How can I volunteer at WCAT?
A: We have a number of opportunities for volunteers to get involved at WCAT! You can run cameras in studio or join us on mobile shoots, you can develop your own program and/or help to edit pieces, you can help us to give studio tours or work behind the scenes. (you can read more about this in our JOIN section (hyperlink). When we have large production needs, we will post these on our Facebook page. Please send inquiries about volunteer opportunities to: info@WCAT.tv or call 781-224-0300 and ask to speak with Sarah Julien.


Q: How does WCAT fund its operations?
: WCAT derives most of its funding from cable access fees collected from each cable operator in Wakefield – Comcast, RCN & Verizon. According to Federal law, cities and towns collect fees from cable operators for their use of public rights of way. Part of that fee is passed on to WCAT to provide: content on the Public and Government channels, a state-of-the art studio with video creation equipment and classes and workshops.

Some of WCAT’s funding comes in the form of charitable contributions from community partners and individual supporters. WCAT-Wakefield is a 501 (c)(3).


Q: Who do I contact if my TV cable connection fails?
: WCAT is responsible for content only.  Please contact your cable provider (Comcast, Verizon or RCN) if you have issues with your connection.  Remember to have your account information handy when you call.


Q: When is WCAT open?
A: WCAT’s hours are as follows:
Monday through Thursday: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: By Appointment