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Updated May 2017
TimeSchedule of Basic Meetings
Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
7:30amSelectmen Meeting
10:00amSchool Committee Meeting
12:30pmTown Clerk Report
1:00pmSelectmen Meeting
3:30pmTown Administrator Report
6:00pmSchool Committee Meeting
8:30pmTown Clerk Report
9:00pmSelectmen Meeting
10:30pmTown Administrator Report
Saturday, Monday and Wednesday
7:30pmSchool Committee Meeting
10:00amSelectmen Meeting
12:30pmTown Administrator Report
1:00pmSchool Committee Meeting
5:30pmTown Clerk's Report
6:00pmSelectmen Meeting
8:30pmTown Administrator Report
9:00pmSchool Committee Meeting
10:30pmTown Clerk's Report
Times subject to change.
PlusVarious Government Channel shows
AlsoSenator Lewis