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Wakefield Marching Band

Wakefield Marching Band

Wakefield Community Access TV and Media Center (WCAT) is Wakefield’s community media partner, offering a communication platform for dialogue, civic engagement, and diverse perspectives not generally available from commercial media. We are committed to excellence in storytelling and information access for all our citizens.

Founded in 1990, WCAT-Wakefield first began broadcasting from a facility on Water Street with a staff of two. It moved to the Senior Center, then to the former Montrose School before landing at its current location.  Since 2003, WCAT-Wakefield has created, produced, broadcast, and more recently, streamed content from a modern studio behind Wakefield Memorial High School on 24 Hemlock Road.

Today, WCAT broadcasts content using two fully functional, HD-compatible studios, with coordinated control rooms and editing stations. The WCAT studio includes a modern conference room, available for rental to members and community partners.

WCAT’s programs range from government/school committee meetings to political debates; school performances and sports events to local performances; and from educational and informative discussions, to award-winning feature documentaries. In addition, WCAT broadcasts/streams classic movies and television series on the public channel.

If it’s happening out there, we’re capturing it in here.

As the media/technology landscape changes, WCAT is evolving from a cable-access station into Wakefield’s Community Media Center, where staff, members and volunteers produce videos and podcasts, learn how to create and curate content with new technologies, and come together to participate in WCAT-sponsored, community-oriented events.

If you have a story to tell, we are here to help you tell it!

Please join WCAT and become part of Wakefield’s story. You are Wakefield’s citizens, leaders, educators and heroes, you represent our community’s businesses and nonprofits, and you can best share the culture, politics and wonders that make our Wakefield a thriving community north of Boston.


WCAT – Wakefield has a fully outfitted, modern production truck that can travel to area sites to provide businesses or organizations with the means to showcase their events and products. With our talented staff, we also can help you develop your story whether on location or in our studio. We also have installed cable feeds in the new Galvin Middle School auditorium to cover events held there.


WCAT provides civic, educational, cultural and public content from the Government and Public channels of Verizon (42 and 40), Comcast (22 and 3) and RCN (13 and 3).

WCAT’s Mission, Vision & Values


Wakefield Cable Access TV & Media Center is your trusted community media partner that offers a communication platform for dialogue, civic engagement, and diverse perspectives not generally available from commercial media.


WCAT is committed to providing quality programming that reflects the voice of, and for, the community of Wakefield.Through its investment in high-quality technology, staff, education, visibility, and strong community engagement, we provide coverage of government, public and educational events.




Basic Digital Photography Workshop  

November 12 and 13, 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
WCAT, 24 Hemlock Rd, Wakefield (behind the high school)

Organized along the lines of Ansel Adams Basic Photography Series, the workshop will be presented by David Watts, Jr. in five sections over the two days:

  • The Camera
  • The Digital Negative
  • Natural Light
  • Artificial Light
  • The Print

Each section will build on the previous one to give participants not only a fuller knowledge of the technical aspects behind digital photography, but an exploration and appreciation of the creativity behind making the photograph. Lively discussion is encouraged.

The workshop is being presented over two successive days from 10.00 am – 4.00pm. There will be a 30 minute lunch break each day, so please bring a lunch with you.

The workshop is open to WCAT members and non-members alike. Members may attend for free (as part of their membership); non-members: $50.00 (Please write checks to WCAT). Participants must have a digital camera to work with. Participants may register by email to or at the WCAT studio.


WCAT Membership

WCAT members help strengthen the Voice of Wakefield through involvement in the community media center! Any individual, family, non-profit organization or business can join WCAT for a small, annual membership fee. By joining, members can use any of WCAT’s equipment and book the conference room or a studio, all free of charge. Members can take classes to develop skills in visual media basics, camera and lighting design, Final Cut Pro and much more. Members can create their own program or join staff for a mobile shoot.

Become part of a community that is creating new programs in a friendly and welcoming environment. Members and volunteers can take advantage of opportunities to learn and contribute alongside talented and knowledgeable WCAT staff who enjoy sharing their experience.







Wakefield Co-Operative Bank


The Savings Bank


Many businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals recognize the value of partnering with WCAT and do through financial donation or by offering in-kind materials and services and volunteers. Partners gain visibility for their business or organization through their association with WCAT. Some Community Partners produce a show about their activities and events or simply use the Community Bulletin Board.

Action Ambulance, Action Ambulance Presents

American Cancer Society, Relay for Life

Atlantic Audiology, Let’s Talk About Hearing

Bill Robinson, Good News

Bob Steele, Dangers of Gambling and Predatory Gambling

Brother’s Deli Restaurant

Frank Fiorentino and Dick Reidy, Red Sox Review

Friends of Lake Quannapowitt

Friends of Scott Kurland, Dinner with Friends

Gloria Mezikofsky, Glo’s Eatery

Hallmark Health Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Health Minute

John Murray, TOPS: Taking Off Pounds Sensibly

John Paul, AAA, The Car Doctor

Pedro’s Judo Center, Pedro’s Judo Presents

Rotary Club of Wakefield, Rotary Polar Plunge

Senator Lewis, MBTA Panel

St. Joseph’s Church, Sunday Mass

Sweetster Lecture Advisory Committee

The Savings Bank, Movies By The Lake sponsor

The Wakefield Daily Item

Town and State, Debates

Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry, Hunger Hurts


Wakefield Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce

Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department

Wakefield Police Department

Wakefield Recreation, Movies By The Lake sponsor

Town of Wakefield, town events

Wake-Up, Wake-UP Presents

Wakefield Adult Mentors, Wakefield Adult Members

Wakefield Alliance Against Violence, Wave Presents

Wakefield Community Education

Wakefield Co-operative Bank

Wakefield Fire Department, instructional videos

Wakefield Health Department, Wake-Up presents

Hallmark Health

Hallmark Health


Producers, Directors, Actors, Crew Members wanted for WCAT…

WCAT invites members to become volunteers to run cameras, edit video, play a role in a film and participate on mobile shoots and community events. Volunteer and learn new skills, make new friends and join a community that is telling stories about and around Wakefield! Please send inquiries about volunteer opportunities to: or call 781-224-0300 and ask to speak with Sarah Julien.


A limited number of internships are available at WCAT and created on a case-by-case basis. Contact the executive director, Tom Stapleton via email at, for additional information.




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